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Publié : 18 avril 2010
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Our two-day trip to Touraine.

From the 5e5 to you !

We met in front of the school at a quarter to seven in the morning. We stayed in the bus for four hours. We had lunch in a village called Bourré. We visited a stone quarry (of tufeau) where people now cultivate mushrooms.
Then, we visited the castle of Chenonceau and the gardens of the castle.
After that, we went to the place where we slept.

On the 2nd day, we got up at seven o’clock. We had breakfast at the hostel where we slept. We walked to the castle of Amboise and we visited it.
Then we went to the Clos Lucé Manor and had lunch in the gardens.
After that, we went in a small house in the gardens where a painter taught us how to draw a portrait in the manner of Leonard da Vinci.Finally we visited the museum inside the manor.
Then, we came back home by bus.

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