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Publié : 2 juin 2010
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Useful Links / Liens utiles

with translation !

Second round of useful links or tips to improve your English.

Spoken English :

• download the video Podcast from CNN : CNN Student News . 10 minutes of authentic American English presenting current world news issues on a daily basis. Program aimed at a student audience so pretty clear and explanatory.
(Be sure you’re connected to the Internet. Download or directly use I-tunes and go to the I-tunes store. Click on Podcasts in the upper toolbar. Type “CNN student news” in the search tab (top right corner of the page) and then click on “S’ABONNER GRATUITEMENT”.

6 Minute English . An audio Podcast from BBC Learning English Podcasts (BBC World). A little less authentic and not news related but aimed at a foreign audience and focused on vocabulary development. (Same download process as described above.)

When writing : http://www.synonym.com/- an English synonym dictionary.

When reading or listening :
If you’re interested in extending your knowledge of informal to very informal English, go to http://www.urbandictionary.com/. Very useful for instance to understand cryptic song lyrics that you won’t find in a traditional dictionary.

Deuxième tournée de liens ou astuces pour améliorer votre anglais.

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