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Publié : 18 décembre 2012
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euro instructions

I] Mystery character of the day :
Go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/drama/bleakhouse/animation.shtml and watch the animation as many times as you want/need to. Watch it again and answer the following questions.
 Mr. X’s Name and DOB :
 What was Mr. X’s father’s major flaw ? Where did that lead him ?
 What happened when Mr. X was twelve ?
 What happened in 1827 ? What did he start doing there literary wise ?
 What did he do after that ?
 What two major events happened in Mr. X’s life in 1835 ?
 Why do you reckon Mr. X went to America ?
 What happened in 1865 ? How did Mr. X react ?
 How did Mr. X die and where is he buried ? Have you ever been there ?
NB : You can also use the “scene selector” http://www.bbc.co.uk/drama/bleakhouse/scenes.shtml to read more about Mr. X’s life and what went on in the world at that time.
II] Can you survive Mr.X’s London ?
Go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/multimedia/dickens/ and play the game (read carefully the instructions and follow them).
 What’s the name of Mr. X’s era and why ?
 What’s the title of Mr. X’s novel that treats of children’s plight ?
 What’s Mr. X’s most autobiographical novel ?
 How long did children work everyday in Mr. X’s days ? When and why did this change ?
 What was King’s Bench ?
 Who’s Little Ned ?
 What was the average life expectancy for people who worked in Mr. X’s days ?
 By the late 1870, how many people made a living out of criminal activities ?
 What event known as "the great stink" took place in 1858 ?
 Name 4 characters from Mr. X’s novels that you met on your way through London.